HealthSim Inc., founded in 1997, specializes in the research and development of prevention science products. By integrating effective prevention science research with the latest interactive technologies, HealthSim is creating an array of technology products that achieve results, while remaining cost-effective, easy to deploy and engaging to use.

HealthSim's computer-based approach to prevention science combines delivery of health and behavior-related content with innovative technology. HealthSim products have the following advantages over traditional prevention products:

  • Less costly to deliver effective, science-based research;
  • Less training time required of teachers and other providers;
  • More engaging educational experience
  • More flexible without reducing fidelity

What is prevention science?   Prevention science represents the theory, research and practice of prevention. Children, adolescents, college students and adults can all benefit from effective prevention science, but products must be available, effective and engaging to use. The need is there: from substance abuse, STD’s, HIV/AIDS and violence prevention programs to obesity, diet/nutrition and exercise, there is an increased demand across all societal sectors for access to prevention information and skills for healthy development.

HealthSim applied for and received two phases of grant funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to develop HeadOn: Substance Abuse PreventionTM for Grades 6-8. The program is unique in that it combines proven prevention science with engaging information technologies, creating a compelling and effective prevention program for middle school students.

HeadOn teaches well-known "protective factors" against drug use in adolescents, such as social skills, decision-making skills, and self-efficacy (a belief in oneself and/or one’s abilities). The program also provides training in drug-refusal skills and teaches youth about the consequences of drug use. HeadOn uses interactive methods, which help to engage kids, rather than lecturing techniques. It targets all forms of drug use, especially, cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana, but also includes learning modules on inhalants, opiates, stimulants and other drugs. The program is developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive for a wide variety of middle school students. Click here to learn more about the program.

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