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At the conclusion of HealthSim’s year long study of its multimedia program, there was an opportunity for measuring and assessing reaction to the program.  Here’s a snapshot of the students' reaction:

“This program really helps to let people know what to do when offered a drug and what the consequences are if you accept the offer.”

“ I like the interactive video because those are the kinds of parties that people are starting to have now and that is a good way to show what could happen.”

“I learned a lot of new facts in this section that I didn’t know before. It was fun and easy to use.”

“It was more interesting than all the other programs. I also think that kids will like it more than other programs.”

“Having the real abusers was really great, because they went through a lot and aren’t proud about it.”
And the teachers had a few good things to say as well:
“I liked being able to move students along at their own rate.”

“I liked the fact that I could help out individual students while others were working.”
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