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Recent evidence indicates that drug use is increasing among school-aged children and adolescents, which may lead to a plethora of negative outcomes during these critical formative years. HealthSim has developed and is continuing to develop interactive, computer-based drug abuse prevention programs for adolescents that incorporate the effective components of both drug abuse prevention science and informational technology. HeadOn: Substance Abuse PreventionTM for Grades 6-8 is the first in a series of programs addressing the growing problem of substance abuse among school-aged children and adolscents.

The program's curriculum incorporates the components of primary prevention efforts that have been shown to be efficacious in preventing initiation to drug use, such as drug refusal skills training, general decision-making skills training, and social skills training, which are presented in the context of both Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) and video-based simulation technologies. HealthSim believes that this approach will promote the increased adoption of prevention science, as it is designed to be efficacious, cost-effective, easy to deploy and able to be applied with fidelity.

This program is designed to promote well-known "protective factors" (such as social skills, decision-making skills, and self-efficacy). It is also designed to target all forms of drug use, especially, cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, but also other illicit drugs. The program also provides training in drug-refusal skills, social competency, and attitudes against drug use, and uses interactive methods rather than lecturing techniques. Additionally, the program content was designed to be age-specific, developmentally appropriate, and culturally sensitive.

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